The Team Approach

Sisters of Sobriety offers a supportive, structured environment with a knowledgeable team to support you in your recovery.  Our staff provides and facilitates individual state-certified Peer Support Recovery Coaching, state-certified Community Health Worker access, MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) provider on site once a month, open mixed and women’s AA and NA meetings (with speaker meetings twice a month and a bonfire meeting every Saturday  night, candlelight in wintertime!), yoga, fitness boot camp, relapse prevention groups, Refuge Recovery (a Buddhism-based recovery path), and many off-site activities to further our women’s experience of a fun and fulfilling life without the use of drugs and alcohol.

Sisters Of Sobriety has 4 recovery coaches and a volunteer/mentor recovery coach to provide the support and experience needed to help residents with their recovery.

Sisters of Sobriety Board of Directors

Angie Kazemier

Angie Kazemier

Co-Founder/Executive Director

When I was 4 years clean and sober in 2008, I had a dream of helping women in recovery and to give back what was so freely given to me.  My husband Rick and I were taken to this house and I immediately saw my disease looking straight back at me.  This house was a replica of what I had been for 30 years.  Beat down with no ambition, self-loathing and no self-esteem.  I didn’t want to live.  I was going to die an alcoholic/addict, I accepted the truth in my despair.  I was incomprehensibly demoralized.  A stranger at that time stood before me and showed me that there was hope.  This person taught me unconditional acceptance and love like I had never known.  I surrendered my will September 27, 2004 and was blessed with a pathway to recovery through my higher power and the tables of NA & AA.  This began to feed my want to live.  My life hasn’t been the same since.  Just as the stranger stood before me, I stood before this home and saw hope and the potential of something “Grand”, as a couple had described it.  Recovery for this home was born that day.  My dream is now a goal for women that enter through SOS doors will feel the serenity and calmness of a life that they thought never existed.  I now can share with women a new peace and a new happiness, as I do now with my spirituality, my husband Rick, my children, and my recovery family.

I invite you to visit and share your experience, strength and hope with SOS residents or to support a sister of sobriety.

Rick Kazemier

Rick Kazemier


Richard Kazemier was born in Grand Rapids Mi in 1957. He is first generation American. His parents immigrated with their families after WWII. Oldest of six children he attended west side Christian and Calvin Christian high school. He entered the construction industry as a laborer in 1978 in San Diego, California. Worked as a laborer, and joined the Carpenters’ Union and the apprenticeship program and received his journeymen’s card.

In 1983 he entered his first treatment for drug addiction and alcoholism in Phoenix, Arizona. Three years later he was back in treatment after a serious relapse. He returned to Grand Rapids in 1988 clean and sober for 18 months.

In 1990 he experienced what he was told was a career ending injury. Enrolled in GRCC in the youth services program. Started working at Glenbiegh Recovery Center in Grand Rapids. For the next nine years he worked for care unit of Grand Rapids, North Ottawa Community Hospital Adolescent Treatment Center in Grand Haven MI, and Reality Counseling Services in Grand Rapids.

In 1999 Rick experienced another relapse after 14 years of sobriety that lasted 9 years.  He returned to construction during that time doing bridge work. He remarried in 1999 to his current wife Angela, they will celebrate 19 years together this year.

In 2008 rick entered Brighton Hospital for opiate addiction. He will celebrate 10 years of long term recovery this year. He retired from the union in 2013.

Angela had a dream…and that dream became a reality in 2015 with the birth of Sisters Of Sobriety… and retirement ended. Rick’s experience working in the social work field of substance abuse and his personal experience with recovery and relapse were all necessary to prepare him for the mission here at Sisters Of Sobriety.

Pastor Joe Cottle

Pastor Joe Cottle

Vice President

I was born into a preacher’s home and family in 1966, the fifth child of seven. My parents were compassionate ministers that on more than one occasion took in individuals trying to overcome addiction issues. The 1970’s provided ample opportunity for such interventions. In these situations I saw what the dreadful challenges of overcoming addiction issues entailed. I attended 4 years at a Christian high school and then later in life attended Nazarene Bible College in Colorado Springs. My own ministry career has been in small independent churches where intervention ministry was quite personal and direct. I am ordained by the Righteous Preacher’s Network, an organization headed by Dr. Mark T. Barclay whose own testimony includes overcoming addiction. For the last 8 years we have been operating our independent ministry, Radical Impact Ministries, Motivation and Media. We are convinced that God has deliverance and specific plans of good for every individual, no matter their challenges. We are glad to be helping friends like Rick and Angie and Sisters of Sobriety.

Nicolas Finley

Nicolas Finley

Voting Member



Melissa Wallager

Melissa Wallager

CMA, BS, MS, BOD Member and Wedgwood Christian Services Therapist





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